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Smoker Craft

A Real Catch for Anglers

For over 100 years and across five generations, Smoker Craft has epitomized dedication to crafting high-quality fishing boats. From pioneering innovations like the Vertex Performance hulls to crafting spacious interior layouts, Smoker Craft continually pushes boundaries, elevating design, engineering, and construction to deliver unparalleled aluminum fishing boats. With a commitment to excellence ingrained in its DNA, Smoker Craft ensures that every vessel, regardless of budget, achieves best-in-class status, providing anglers with an unmatched fishing experience on the water.


Uncompromised Boating Freedom

With over 120 years of boat building excellence, Starcraft Marine has fostered a profound connection to the water, driven by a passion for crafting high-quality vessels that embody innovative designs and exceptional value. As a family-owned and operated business under the Schrock family for five generations and counting, Starcraft boasts an unmatched heritage of quality, innovation, and craftsmanship that sets it apart in the industry. Whether you seek a pontoon, fiberglass deckboat, or an aluminum fishing boat, Starcraft offers one of the most extensive product ranges in the boating sector, all united by a steadfast commitment to constructing the finest vessels on the water. Each Starcraft boat is meticulously crafted as if it were destined for personal use, reflecting the company's identity not only as boat builders but as dedicated boating enthusiasts.


Unmatched Strength, Tournament Ready

Crafted with invaluable input from top tournament professionals and full- time professionals, Starweld boats stand as a testament to meticulous design and unwavering performance. Featuring a fully welded deep V hull, each vessel glides atop Starcraft's legendary full-length reverse chine, ensuring unparalleled handling and a remarkably smooth, dry ride even in challenging waters. Boasting expansive floor plans and massive casting decks, Starweld boats provide anglers with ample space to maneuver and optimize their fishing experience. From precision engineering to thoughtful layout, every detail is attentively crafted to elevate the fishing journey to new heights of comfort, efficiency, and success.


Affordable Excellence for Your Family

Recently celebrating 40 years of excellence, Sunchaser Pontoons continues to redefine the pontoon experience, offering a diverse range of layouts and performance features to suit every budget. As the perfect family-friendly option, Sunchaser pontoons combine high-end amenities with unique layouts, ensuring that every outing is enjoyable and comfortable. With a long history of innovation and excellence, Sunchaser sets the standard for pontoon craftsmanship. Each pontoon is meticulously crafted to offer a vast array of different lengths and sizes, reflecting Sunchaser's commitment to providing options that cater to diverse preferences and needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.


Pioneering Pontoon Performance

For over 75 years and spanning five generations, Sylvan has been at the forefront of the pontoon industry, setting benchmarks in performance and cruising experiences. With an extensive model lineup catering to various price points, Sylvan is committed to meeting all boating requirements. Whether it's a leisurely cruise or a thrilling ride, Sylvan offers innovative layouts and performance-driven pontoon tubes that redefine on-water enjoyment. From spacious decks to cutting-edge technology, each Sylvan pontoon epitomizes a legacy of excellence, delivering unmatched comfort, agility, and performance for enthusiasts seeking unforgettable experiences on the water.